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Posting a blog That Gets Results

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We will get the information from you in the intake form & we will show you how your company is doing in your service area.

We do not require any signed contract.

This is a month-to-month service.

We feel if we are working hard and making a difference, that’s all we need to gain your trust.

Should you cancel your services, we let every bit of work we do stay with you.

It’s very simple.  You are paying us to improve YOUR website, so it belongs to YOU.

We are not selling “SEO” services. We are in the content business. We are building extensive amounts of content for your website and Google Business Listing.

We do not build or buy back-links like most SEO agencies do.

Our focus is completely different, and this is why it works so well.

We have a proven system that works in each and every industry because we focus on what Google loves. Content, and more content.

You can watch Video by using this link to see more:

If you are using us, you should not have a need for a SEO company.

We typically get more results than most SEO companies can.

We have a different approach, and this is why what we do works so well.

We have a state of the art internal dashboard that works with our team and our clients.

When we complete certain tasks, you will be notified via email.  For example: If we post a blog for your website, you will be emailed with a notice.  This will allow you to know when something has been done on your site.

We DO NOT communicate everything we do for your website.  There are certain tasks that we will not be notifying you of.  such as writing the content, promoting your from others in your industry, and a few others.

If we told you everything, then we are making us vulnerable to being copied by other companies.

If you need to contact us for anything, you will have a customer service representative who will be your contact.  It is their job to make certain you have any questions you may have answered and to communicate with you.

You can always get a response by emailing us at:

WordPress works the best.

Hands-down, WordPress is the BEST option you have to help your company’s website show up the highest in the search results. If you want the best results, then make sure your site is a WordPress site.

If you have another website builder such as SquareSpace, Wix, or something similar, we HIGHLY recommend changing it over to WordPress.

I also recommend that you don’t FREAK OUT, because we have very talented developers on our staff who can make the change for you.

Ask for our pricing for the change. 

No. We do not provide any reports outside the dashboards we provide to you, or outside the automatic communications that our system provides to you.

In order to keep this affordable to our clients,  we will not work outside our processes. 

If we are constantly meeting and explaining processes and what we are doing, we simply do not have the time to work efficiently for you or our other clients.


Nothing in the video explains us building any back-links, or creating a back-link strategy for your website.  This is not something we do.

If you want a back-linking strategy, we are not the right fit for you.

You can watch this video by using this link to see more: