2023 IWCA Convention Las Vegas NV

Collaborate Pros at 2022 IWCA Convention 2022

The International Window Cleaning Association will have their IWCA Convention for 2022 this February 7th to 11th, located at a Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. What makes this year’s IWCA Convention is that Collaborate Pros is joining this event which is a great level up for the convention because Collaborate Pros is a big help when it comes to online marketing for window cleaning and pressure washing companies. While this amazing team-up sounds exciting, let us explain further what exactly is Collaborate Pros and what’s the history of the IWCA. In this article, we will explore the IWCA and the amazing sponsor, Collaborate Pros.


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SEP for pressure washing that gets results is Collaborate Pros


Collaborate Pros is a company that assists business owners who are serious about growing their businesses, may it be window cleaning, plumbing, electrical, pest control, carpet cleaning, etc. Collaborate Pros takes these businesses very seriously and helps these respective business fields in their respective networks. Collaborate Pros can aid businesses in plugging them into a network of similar businesses, this system and process help businesses have the chance to fare order isotretinoin online equally against big companies, large franchises, and national brands that are available and known on a local level.

In addition to this aid system by Collaborate Pros, collaborating with them would grant a business some benefits like increased map visibility on Google maps, higher internet traffic to your business’s website, increased visibility when it comes to your companies search engine results, and more progress. Whether you are company is located in a big city or a small town, collaborating with Collaborate Pros equips your business with an army that can aid your way in the right direction. Better traffic, better visibility, more phone calls, more customers, better overall reach, more website views, and overall, an ultimately stronger business.

Team Up

With Collaborate Pros being one of the sponsors in this year’s IWCA Convention 2022 in Las Vegas NV, people attending now have a better chance to work with Collaborate Pros firsthand. With Collaborate Pros having a great network and system when it comes to the window cleaning industry, their addition to IWCA Convention 2022 is a magnificent thing that opens the opportunity for this excited company to team up with your business. Vendors and participants of this year’s convention should keep Collaborate Pros in mind for their assisting services that can help their window cleaning business greatly, after all, a team-up is always a great thing.

The International Window Cleaning Association

IWCA Convention Speaker Dave Kaminski Collaborate Pros

Just a refresher in case you are not that aware of the group running this convention, the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) was formed by a group of window cleaners back in the late 80s to promote better safety and education when it comes to window cleaning professionalism. The group also aims to educate people and enhance their skills when it comes to this profession. What makes companies that are a member of the IWCA different is that they are the standard when it comes to window cleaning. Safety, education, professionalism, research, protection, and insurance coverage, all of these focusing on their main craft, which is window cleaning. When people hire a business that’s a member of the IWCA, they can rest assured knowing that they hired the best of the best when it comes to their window cleaning needs, eliminating the risk of worry and trouble a home or business owner can get when their properties get damaged over poor handling.

2022 Convention

Every year, the IWCA holds an annual convention that caters to people who are in the window cleaning industry. From high-rise and residential window cleaners to people who manufacture window cleaning goods and services, the IWCA Convention 2022 in Las Vegas NV is the perfect venue to meet other professionals and individuals who are in the same field. Every year, the IWCA offers four regional safety training sessions that educate companies who attend these conventions, giving them the chance and experience for them to be professionally better, trained, and educated when it comes to window cleaning. Every year these conventions are packed with events and are scheduled neatly to not waste the time of the people attending this event. Training sessions, training programs, trade shows, business talks, prizes, marketing lessons, marketing your company, etc. Booths are also present during this event, showcasing various items and products that could be just what your company would need. Registering for the event includes RDS training, Paver Sealing, OSHA 1910, IWCA Courses, and cleaning coming in as free topics.

While members attending the event get a better registration fee of $249 per person, non-members can also attend this convention with a fee of $525 per person. Membership is only $199 yearly so it’s highly suggested to avail for one to save on the convention tickets. After all, if this is your business’s forte, the knowledge and connections that can be earned from the IWCA Convention are worth the investment.


The window cleaning industry is no easy gig, a simple error by the person under the task can cause pricey damages, etc. The IWCA offers classes that can help educate a business that involves window cleaning as their forte, making them professionals when it comes to this field. The IWCA also has online learning portals that can further educate its members, as well as non-members. These helpful and fruitful courses include employee training, safety training courses, business 101 courses, and glass surface education. All of these topics are available in their Campus IWCA which makes training and education an easier learning process.

Last Year’s Convention

2021 had a very successful convention in Las Vegas as well. It was originally scheduled to be in Las Vegas, however with COVID-19 the venue was changed. Here is a video showing last year’s event through the eyes of Bobby Walker.


Here are Driving Directions from Las Vegas’s International Airport to The IWCA Convention

Key Takeaway

Collaborate Pros is a great company that helps businesses with SEO and online marketing in regards to window cleaning and pressure washing companies, with a great new player sponsoring this year’s International Window Cleaning Association’s convention, this year’s event would truly be fruitful in terms of experience and knowledge. When it comes to window cleaning knowledge and expertise, no one knows it better than the IWCA, so be sure to take the lessons and courses they offer to heart to better your window cleaning business’s craft. Don’t have a ticket yet? Get yours now and don’t miss out on the convention in Rosen Centre Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2023.